Hi, my name is Alison and I want to live a life of Purpose. What I mean is that it is my deepest heart’s desire to feel like every moment of my time is meaningful and authentic. Now I don’t mean that every second has to be “productive,” there is such a thing as intentional rest. And sometimes, we can get so many plates spinning at once, that our busy routine sucks the life right out of us, and we don’t really live with intention at all. 

Or at least that’s where I found myself (sometimes, I still do, but I’m working on it).

When I became a mother, “exhausted” took on a whole new meaning, and in many ways, I felt like I lost myself. At one point, I realized that I had pretty much given up on every life-giving habit I had worked so hard to instill back in college; it felt Impossible to do anything outside of keeping the kids alive and fed, let alone try to pursue some calling or purpose I felt I had on my life- In many ways, my life felt like it was on PAUSE.

That’s when I realized that there was Too Much Stuff literally, and figuratively, and that if I really wanted to feel alive again with purpose, I needed to do two things: Adjust My Priorities and Let Go of the Expectations I (and others) had placed on me. 

Over the past few years, I’ve been on a journey to do these very things. As I’ve cleared a lot of the Junk out of my house and heart, I’m rediscovering how to give life to my Spirit, live with intention, and live from a place of purpose. I’ve learned a lot of what to (and what not to) do, and there have been plenty of times I’ve moved 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

And Now, it’s my desire to invite other Stressed and Overwhelmed Women on the journey, because the world needs thriving women who feel alive with purpose. 

Join Me?