"Just because it's Common, doesn't mean it's Normal."

CONGRATULATIONS on taking your first step towards a Happier Period!

Throughout this 28 day challenge, I will walk you through simple steps to create New Habits that lead to Happier Periods.

My wish for you is that every day you find a new piece of information to help motivate you toward making changes that transform the way you view and experience your menstrual cycle.

Here's How We'll Get This Done

  • Each Week comes with a printable worksheet that will help you identify current habits that may be harming your hormonal health, as well as a list of suggested new habits to choose from.
  • Each Week, you will choose 1 main (super-achievable) habit to begin implementing based on that week's Focus.
  • Every Day, I will share some info to help you implement that new habit.
  • Twice this month, we will meet via Zoom for some Group Coaching where you can ask questions and receive support.

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