Simple Switches & Recommended Products Guide
Preferred Products for a Happier Period
Please Note: Some products on this page are affiliate links- this means if you purchase using the link provided, 
I will receive a commission from Amazon (at no additional cost to you).
Personal Care Products
*Root Pretty Makeup
(Clean, Affordable makeup. I love their free sample with every purchase!)

*Dr Bronner Unscented Liquid Castile Soap
(Super Versatile- Use for body wash, hand soap, dish soap, etc. 
*Note, I do not recommend their scented versions*)


*Norwex Face & Body Cloths
(Cleans with Just Water. I have not used body soap for years.)

The All Natural Face
(A super affordable clean makeup option.
I am a fan of their eyeshadow & blush!)

*Flora & Curl Curly Hair Products
(I love their mousse, gel, and curl cream for curly hair!)

*LUME All-Over Deodorant
(This has not worked for my pits (although it works well for others) but I love using it elsewhere!)

(Super Clean, High Quality, Fuller Coverage makeup)

*Innersense Hair Products
(A Salon-Quality Hair Care line. 
I love their deep conditioning treatment)

*Fancy Farm Skincare
(Small batch, tallow-based skincare. The face cream is amazing.)

Home Products
*Thieves Multipurpose Cleaning Concentrate
(Use to replace counter, toilet, & glass cleaner. 
Makes 30 bottles)

*PUR Water Filtration Systems
(Pitcher & Faucet Filtration Options)

*Norwex EnviroCloth
(Cleans with Just Water. I love pairing with Thieves Cleaner for tough messes)

Berkey Water Filtration System
(Removes over 200 contaminants from water)

Air Doctor Air Purifiers
(Purifies the air of mold, viruses, VOCs, pet dander, & more)

*Pyrex Glass Tupperware
(Store it, Reheat it, all in glass. 
Our favorite brand for glass food storage!)

*Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle
(Keeps drinks cold & can take a beating- my Favorite water bottle)

Beeswax Wraps
(Use in place of plastic wrap. Lasts about a year.)

*Essential Oil Diffuser
(My current favorite essential oil diffuser. I also recommend the Aria which is remote controlled and functions as a speaker.)


*Thieves Dish Soap
(We put a tiny squirt in an 8z spray bottle and fill with water so it lasts a long time)

*Truly Free Dishwasher Powder
(This company gives deeper discounts the more you buy- I love their laundry soap, Oxy boost, and enzyme cleaner as well!)

*Laundry Soap
(I prefer the unscented, but if you like a strong scent, the scented one is free of synthetic fragrance.)


*Wool Dryer Balls
(Replace dryer sheets! Can add oils for scent)

*Stain Remover!
(This link also saves you 10%)


Blood Sugar Balance Support
*Matcha Powder
(I love this matcha powder for iced & hot matcha lattes! 
Certified organic & tested for heavy metals)

*Golden Turmeric Supplement
(Add to Ningxia or Water. 
24x more bioavailable than standard turmeric)


*Ningxia Red
(Daily Wolfberry supplement (2-4oz per day) helps curb cravings, natural energy, and numerous other benefits)

Period Care Products
*Flex Reusable Menstrual Disc
(This converted me after almost 10 years of using a menstrual cup)

Flex Disposable Menstrual Discs
(12hrs of wear, self-emptying, Discs are the way to go!)


*Bambody Period Panties
(Wear alone or as a backup to tampon/cup)

Diva Cup Menstrual Cup- Model 2 
(Over 30 yrs old or Heavier Flow)

Diva Cup Menstrual Cup- Model 1 
(18-30 yrs old or Regular Flow)


Organic Cotton Pantyliners

*Dragon Time Essential Oil
(Roll onto Abdomen for relief from occasional menstrual discomfort)

*Progessence Plus Serum 
(Bio-identical progesterone extracted from yams to help support Estrogen/Progesterone balance)


Organic Cotton Tampons
(Organic Cotton, Chlorine & Fragrance Free)


*Asterisk denotes products I personally use