So What IS Normal to Experience While on Your Period?

I share a lot about what is Not normal to experience while on our period, but this begs the question, what IS normal to experience during my period?

Your period is a unique time, and even with perfectly balanced hormones, there WILL be differences from other points in your cycle. 

Here’s a few things that you may (and arguably even SHOULD experience) during your period:

1️⃣ More tired than usual. Estrogen and Progesterone are at their lowest points the first day of mensuration, so it’s natural to feel a bit more tired than usual. Often you will benefit an extra hour or so of sleep and should be aware that your energy will deplete more quickly than usual. You should NOT however be exhausted, or unable to function. If you are getting an appropriate amount of sleep and not crowding your schedule with activities that expend a ton of energy, and Still feel exhausted during your period, you may need to nurture your hormones back into balance.

2️⃣ Feeling more introverted or reflective than usual. Remember how estrogen levels are at their lowest point at the start of our period? Higher levels of Serotonin are linked to higher levels of Estrogen due to Estrogens role in Serotonin production. This is in party, why women typically feel better (mood & energy) while ovulating- and less so early in menstruation when levels are at their lowest.

3️⃣ Some sensation of cramping is the normal result of our uterus contracting to shed the endometrial lining during menstruation. Even with balanced hormones, we should still experienced some sensation of this. However, cramping that is painful or prevents us from daily activities is Not normal and is a good sign our hormones need a little extra TLC.

4️⃣ Frequent bowel movements are the natural response to the body’s increase of prostaglandins during menstruation. Prostaglandins are responsible for helping the uterus contract to shed its lining. But the uterus isn’t the only thing Prostaglandins cause to contract 💩 If your period poops are particularly loose or you experience diarrhea, this is Not normal and is likely a sign of high levels of prostaglandin.

If you've read this and realized your hormones could use a little TLC, make sure to check out my 28 Days to a Happier Period course where I will walk alongside you to make simple, sustainable changes, that will Transform the way you experience your period!

Happier Period DIY Perfume

Happier Period DIY Perfume
Most commercial perfumes contain endocrine disrupting chemicals like phthalates to make the fragrance last longer.  Longer-lasting scent? Awesome! Unless until you know those chemicals can parade around like Estrogen in our bodies, causing our bodies to become confused and often leading to hormone imbalance. 

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance can manifest as everything from headaches, to painful periods, to brain fog, and a host of other frustrating symptoms. 

One of the best things we can do for our hormones is to gradually eliminate what's messing with them in the first place.

I finally ditched my favorite chemical laden perfume in 2017, and never looked back.

There are a TON of great perfume recipes out there using natural botanicals & essential oils, but here is my personal favorite. 

+ 9 drops Ylang Ylang Essential oil
+ 15 drops Cypress Essential oil
+ 6 drops Bergamot Essential oil
+ Vodka, 100 proof alcohol, or Witch Hazel
+ 10ml fine mist spray bottle (or adjust drops if you use a different size bottle)

Add essential oils to bottle, allow oils to mix for a few hours or days- the longer the better. Then, top off the bottle with your choice of carrier (vodka, 100 proof alcohol, or witch hazel). Gently shake before using. 

*Note: a quick word on Essential Oils- make sure you are choosing a high-quality essential oil that does not contain any synthetics or fillers as these can cause hormone-imbalance as well. This goes for non-organic oils since pesticides are another potential cause of hormone imbalance.  If you are not sure which oils to use, or would like guidance in using them, you may purchase the oils I use for this recipe here

Here's a bit about each ingredient, and why I use it:

+ Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - Ylang Ylang flowers were traditionally sprinkled on the beds of newlyweds. It has a floral, romantic scent and is believed to aid libido.

+ Cypress Essential Oil - Cypress (from cypress wood) has an earthy scent, and is known to be an emotionally grounding oil.

+ Bergamot Essential Oil - The citrus scent balances out the floral and woodsy smells well and Bergamot is known for it's uplifting and hormone-supporting properties.

+ Vodka, 100 proof alcohol, or witch hazel - I choose to use vodka because it is inexpensive and I find that it helps the scent stick around longer than witch hazel. Witch hazel also has a bit of a scent on it's own that you will need to work with if you choose to use it. Either way, you will need to gently shake the bottle each time before using.

If you liked this Recipe, make sure to check out my Free Guide 3 Simple Switches to a Happier Period.

The TRUTH About Your Period

The TRUTH About Your Period
. . . Are You Ready for It?

Your period is working WITH you, Not Against You.

Yep, everything about a properly functioning menstrual cycle is for your Health and Flourishment.

Shifting this understanding changes EVERYTHING.

Now, not all of us have a properly functioning menstrual cycle. Many of us are suffering from years of imbalanced hormones and quick-fix bandaid attempts at resolving them.

And the worst part is, we have been convinced that this is NORMAL. 

That it's normal to be in pain every month. That it's normal to turn into a dragon the week before. That only the highly blessed and favored aren't subjected to certain death once a month. But guess what, NONE of that is True.

So if you haven't heard it before, or you heard it but haven't taken it to heart, hear me out


Realizing this simple truth changed everything for me. From the way I experienced my periods (goodbye days in bed) to the way I viewed them (um, I became known as the "period girl" in my circles for my passion for hormones and periods, haha!)  

Is it a journey to balanced hormones? Sure. 

But first you have to come to the belief that it can be better. 

So if you don't know where to start, Start Here: 

Believe that it doesn't Have to be this way. That there is hope for a better period (and menstrual cycle all month long for that matter). And that your period is working FOR you and Not Against You.

*If you are someone who already believes this, but finds yourself stuck on where or how to start making sustainable changes that make a difference, check out my Happier Period Course, that will have you well on your way to a Happier Period by your next cycle.