The TRUTH About Your Period
. . . Are You Ready for It?

Your period is working WITH you, Not Against You.

Yep, everything about a properly functioning menstrual cycle is for your Health and Flourishment.

Shifting this understanding changes EVERYTHING.

Now, not all of us have a properly functioning menstrual cycle. Many of us are suffering from years of imbalanced hormones and quick-fix bandaid attempts at resolving them.

And the worst part is, we have been convinced that this is NORMAL. 

That it's normal to be in pain every month. That it's normal to turn into a dragon the week before. That only the highly blessed and favored aren't subjected to certain death once a month. But guess what, NONE of that is True.

So if you haven't heard it before, or you heard it but haven't taken it to heart, hear me out


Realizing this simple truth changed everything for me. From the way I experienced my periods (goodbye days in bed) to the way I viewed them (um, I became known as the "period girl" in my circles for my passion for hormones and periods, haha!)  

Is it a journey to balanced hormones? Sure. 

But first you have to come to the belief that it can be better. 

So if you don't know where to start, Start Here: 

Believe that it doesn't Have to be this way. That there is hope for a better period (and menstrual cycle all month long for that matter). And that your period is working FOR you and Not Against You.

*If you are someone who already believes this, but finds yourself stuck on where or how to start making sustainable changes that make a difference, check out my Happier Period Course, that will have you well on your way to a Happier Period by your next cycle.


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