Identifying and Eliminating Triggers to Take Back Your Peace of Mind

Have you ever stopped to consider why we as a society feel almost Perpetually OVERWHELMED?

I’ll argue for a moment that part of it, has to do with the fact that we are Constantly Triggered. And many times, we don’t even know it’s happening. All we know is that we were having a somewhat good day and now, almost suddenly, we are anxious, tense, and irritable. 

Living in a world where we are constantly triggered is EXHAUSTING

Here are some ways I combat this and TAKE BACK MY PEACE OF MIND.


Before eliminating triggers, we must first identify them. The simplest way I’ve found to do this is by taking a moment when I notice I’m stressed/irritable/overwhelmed to pinpoint when it happened. 

Was I in a relatively good mood 10min ago, if so, what happened in the last 10min? Did I scroll facebook? Receive a phone call or text? Hear a loud noise outside? 

Make a mental note (or write it down if you’re the journaling type) and keep an eye out for patterns. 


Once you know what a particular trigger is, it’s time to Eliminate. Now this is often easier said than done. And it usually takes a LOT of discipline. 

Sometimes, this means deleting an app, turning off notifications, or ultilizing the “unfollow” button. 

Not every trigger is easy to eliminate, there are certain triggers we don’t have control over (hellooo Tiny Humans!), so we may need to get creative or else find ways to help us COPE.


There is a lot that can be said about this and like Triggers, everyone’s means of Coping look different. 

What is most important is that we find ways to cope that are both HEALTHY and EASILY SUSTAINABLE. For example, If you way of coping is taking a bath, while that may be healthy, it may not be easily sustainable if you’re triggered in public, or at a time when you can’t slip away. 

Your Peace of Mind is in YOUR HANDS.

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