My Switch to a Menstrual Cup & How it Changed Everything

Around 6 years ago, I switched to using a Diva Cup (aka: a silicone menstrual cup). If I’m being completely honest, I thought I would NEVER make the switch. The whole idea kind both Freaked and Grossed me out. Obviously, somewhere along the line my feelings changed (or maybe just my budget haha!!) but now, I’d never go back. 

Here’s a bit of my Story.

Why I Switched

While there are many reasons to switch to a menstrual cup, for me, the cost savings was a huge draw. I was very picky about the tampons I used and despite my extreme couponing attempts, was still spending around $6-$8 a month on tampons. The idea of spending $30 once every decade was extremely tempting. 

I was also beginning to look into more eco-friendly options in all areas of life. Knowing how much waste I was creating on a regular basis made the prospect of a zero-waste option very appealing to me.

How I Chose

But there are SO many options out there, I often get the question, “how do I choose which brand/cup is right for me?” I wondered the Same Thing! I remember finding some Youtube videos that explained the differences between brands and sizes and went with the one that had a balance of good reviews/a good fit for me.

The First Time I Used It

When the package came, I was SO excited to try it out. Fast Forward to the first time I actually tried to use my Diva Cup and found myself crying in the bathroom googling Diva Cup horror stories. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. Lol, you will scare yourself poopless. I’m here to tell you, There is a Learning Curve. But do we all remember the first time we popped in a tampon? Yeah, my first tampon experience involved 45min in the bathroom crying while my mom coached me through the door. I was 16. Some of us just have larger learning curves than others, LOL. 

The good news is, as (like my first tampon experience) by my 2nd cycle, I was handling that Diva Cup like a pro, and I liked it SO. MUCH. BETTER. than even my most favorite tampons.

What's So Great About It?

Once I got the hang of things, I loved how long I could go between changes. Menstrual cups tend to hold a lot more liquid than tampons do, meaning fewer changes, in fact, by the 2nd day of my period i was typically able to change it twice- once in the morning, and once at night, both in the privacy of my own bathroom. And because of possible TSS, No matter how little you bleed, tampons just shouldn’t be hanging around for more than 6-8 hours. Menstrual cups do not carry the same risk.

Oh, and I Definitely saved money and Emergency trips to the pharmacy. Instead of being surprised by aunt flo’s visits each month, causing me to frantically run to the store, I just keep my clean cup in it’s handy little bag in my purse and have everything I need for next time. Not to mention, I managed to use my same cup (sterilizing it between each cycle) for 6 years before having kids when I had to upgrade to the “post-vaginal-birth” size, and I suspect if that weren’t the case, I would have kept it longer. 

Now, what I really didn’t expect to love about it, was how empowered I feel actually knowing what’s going on down there during my period. As it turns out, how much you bleed, the color, and texture, can all be very important signs pointing to our overall hormonal health. Like, What!? If we’re being honest, before Diva Cup, I couldn’t care less about what went on down there as long as it inconvenienced me the least bit possible. In fact, I’m sure there were times I removed my tampon and flushed it down the toilet without ever taking a second to even look at it. What I’ve learned since switching is that our periods are Important and that it’s Vital that we pay attention to what’s actually going on “down there.” 

Curious as to what I mean? Check out this 2min clip from author Alisa Vitti about period health and what it can actually mean!

So there you have it

if you’ve been considering switching to a menstural cup but have been too freaked out or grossed out by it, I’m here to tell you It’s Not That Bad. There are SO many perks to it, and I assure you, if I can get the hang of using one, so can you. 

If this post got you wondering about more switches that might Improve your Menstrual Cycle, check out my course 28 Days to a Happier Period.


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